Indoor-Outdoor Spaces to Inspire Your Remodel: Kitchens

A multi-slide door peers into desert landscaping in a modern kitchen with a white waterfall island and light brown cabinets.

Creating an indoor-outdoor environment in the kitchen, often called the heart of the home, can effectively expand the space while filling the kitchen with natural light and beautiful views.

See how a variety of homes incorporated moving glass walls into their kitchens to transform the space and create more options for dining.

Creating calm

The breathtaking view of desert mountains transforms the indoor cooking and dining experience to an outdoor one in this kitchen. The floor-to-ceiling multi-slide glass door is made to keep the heat out and let the scenery in, creating a tranquil desert atmosphere. Nature is made the centerpiece of this home through the kitchen that blends with the outdoors.

A multi-slide glass door in a rustic lake house kitchen looks onto an enclosed patio with views of a lake.

Lakeside dining

This massive modern-rustic lake house incorporates multi-slide doors that connect the kitchen with the outdoor living space, creating the perfect place for having a snack while enjoying the view in any season.

A wall-length open multi-slide glass door connects the outdoor patio to a large kitchen in a farmhouse remodel.

A blending of spaces

This renovated home takes the indoor-outdoor living concept to the next level with a huge multi-slide glass door that elevates the cooking and dining experience. The floor-to-ceiling glass allows the patio to effortlessly blend with the kitchen while providing a sense of always being outdoors.

In a modern black and white kitchen with vaulted ceilings, a black-framed multi-slide glass door complimented by a large triangular window on top looks into a backyard full of trees.

Extending modern dining

This extra long kitchen space extends right into the backyard with wall-length, multi-slide doors. In this modern white and black kitchen, vaulted ceilings and big windows complement the black multi-slide doors, making the kitchen bright and stylish.

Large bi-fold, accordion-style doors open onto a patio from a remodeled kitchen with a brown waterfall island on a blue floor accent.

Enhancing entertaining

Indoor-outdoor entertaining is exemplified by incorporating an accordion-style, bi-fold door in this kitchen. When open, the door completely connects the kitchen to the outdoor cooking and seating area. Socialization is made easy between the spaces because the kitchen and patio seamlessly merge.

Multi-slide glass doors open to a courtyard-type dining area in a traditional kitchen with dark wood cabinets and a splash of beige tile accents on the wall.

Expanding the flow

By incorporating a multi-slide door, this more traditional kitchen opens to a courtyard space to create an outdoor dining experience in the center of the home. The multi-slide doors surrounding the courtyard space opens the flow of the entire house as different rooms become connected with the outdoor dining space as a center piece.

A multi-slide door peers into desert landscaping in a modern kitchen with a white waterfall island and light brown cabinets.

Mountainous views

The desert sun filters into this kitchen through a multi-slide glass door and windows that encompass the whole wall.  The glass door displays a stunning view of mountains that can be seen when eating at the kitchen counter or dining table.

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