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Indoor-Outdoor Spaces to Inspire Your Remodel: Living Rooms

See how a variety of homes incorporated moving glass walls into their living rooms to transform their spaces.

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Cost of new sliding patio doors

Understanding the Cost of a Moving Glass Wall

Ready to add a sliding or folding glass wall to your home, but don’t know how to navigate the quoting process? Learn what goes into the cost of a moving wall of glass.

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Tips for Creating a Remarkable Indoor-Outdoor Living Space

Designing the perfect indoor-outdoor living space doesn’t have to be a daunting task as long as you approach your project with these tips in mind.

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Which Indoor-Outdoor Room Is Right for You?

Connecting the indoors with the outside can help an interior feel larger, open up views, and let in more natural light and fresh air.

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How Moving Glass Walls Make Healthy Homes

Discover the four main benefits of indoor-outdoor living as well as tips for a more healthful home environment.

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