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Understanding the Cost of a Moving Glass Wall

Ready to add a sliding or folding glass wall to your home, but don’t know how to navigate the quoting process? From door style, size, and finish options to the design of the opening and installation, there are many factors to consider when determining how much your project will cost. 

At Skye Walls, we take the complexity out of the pricing process by providing you with a single quote based on the complete scope of the project – from manufacturing to installation to cleanup. This customized quote is comprised of two major areas: The cost of the door itself and the cost of the installation. Understanding how the factors within these two areas affect the total cost of your project can provide insight to help you make the best decision for you and your budget.

Cost of new sliding patio doors

The Cost of a Moving Glass Wall

Of all the factors surrounding the cost of the sliding or folding glass door, size is the first to consider. The larger the opening, the larger the door needed to fit the space, and therefore the higher the cost. Other considerations like unique applications including 90-degree configurations and door and window combinations will also affect pricing.

Additional factors that can affect the price of a moving glass wall include:

  • The style of door, such as a multi-slide or bi-fold 
  • Material choices like aluminum and vinyl
  • Finish options such as paint color, handles, and floor tracks

You can learn more about door styles, materials, and finish options – as well as design and visualize a sliding or folding glass door based on your preferences – via the Skye Walls app or the Design Your Door page on the Skye Walls website. 

Installation is a factor in moving glass wall costs.

The Cost of Installing a Moving Glass Wall

There is a price per linear foot for installing a sliding or folding glass door that varies depending on the complexity of the project. If there is no structural work needed – meaning the opening you’re outfitting with a new moving glass wall already exists – the installation cost will simply include the replacement of one door for another. 

If a new opening is required, there is a higher price per linear foot due to added construction costs. These costs may include:

  • Engineering fees 
  • Demolition
  • Reframing
  • Moving electrical or plumbing 
  • Surfacing work such as drywall or stucco

The size of the opening for your moving glass wall may also generate additional costs. Openings over 12’ wide require footing, which in turn requires concrete work. Openings over 20’ wide need a steel header. If the opening is planned on a shear wall, additional structural support may be necessary and could increase the overall price.

The Single-Quote Advantage

Because most sliding and folding glass door manufacturers do not install their own products and many sliding and folding glass door dealers are not equipped to handle all of the construction costs associated with an indoor-outdoor remodel, customers may find themselves working with a general contractor or several licensed contractors to complete their project. 

At Skye Walls, we take care of every part of the process. By providing you with a single quote based on the complete scope of your project, we save you time and help take the hassle out of your indoor-outdoor remodel. And because we’re the single point of contact, your questions or concerns come directly to us. Plus, you’ll never need to track down an engineer to make a structural change, or work with the city to pull permits. Those kinds of services (and more) are included in your Skye Walls quote. 

Ready to get started? Reach out to a Skye Walls expert today for a free consultation and to discuss pricing options.