Which Indoor-Outdoor Room Is Right for You?

Fireplace on patio

Connecting the indoors with the outside can help an interior feel larger, open up views, and let in more natural light and fresh air. Just where those blurred boundaries happen in your home is a matter of personal choice. So, when designing a new addition or remodeling your living area for an open-plan space, consider these room-wise ideas to link indoor and outdoor spaces.

Sleeping Beauty

The bedroom is a place to retreat, relax, and recharge. A moving glass wall can transform your sleeping quarters into a meditative space of fresh air and soothing views perfect for stargazing, yoga, or enjoying a cup of coffee or tea.

Catching Rays

When its wall-to-wall glass doors are swung open, covered patios transform to king-size rooms for bringing together friends and family. Closed, they offer engaging views of the wider world from every vantage point.

Office Space

Whether your home office is a designated area for running a business or a remote workspace, it should be more than four walls in a windowless room. An office with a sliding glass door that lets in natural light and provides access to the outdoors for much-needed breaks is a place you won’t mind working late. 

Deliciously Open

Adding a folding or sliding glass door to your dining room creates the best of both worlds: a feeling of dining alfresco without transporting food to the backyard or wiping down patio furniture. For major home renovations, consider opening up two sides of a room with sliding glass.

Living Large

If entertaining is your jam, a blended living space featuring a moving glass wall has many advantages. Your guests can choose to socialize inside or outside without feeling secluded from the action. It’s easy to transport food and drinks between the two spaces. And if there’s a pool in the picture, the airy space is a convenient gateway to making a splash.

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